The Rockaway Beach

Pirate & Costume Festival

June 23 - 25, 2017

Shiver me timbers!

The Rockaway Beach Chamber of Commerce is proud to present its 6th annual Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival and Treasure Hunt in downtown Rockaway Beach. Join us for a weekend of entertainment sure to offer something for all ages. There will be pirate music, roving pirates, and festival rides, as well as delicious foods and drinks, vendors selling exotic wares, musical acts, performances, a scavenger hunt, and games to challenge your skills; all of this in an atmosphere that would make the pirates of old feel at home.

Dark Pirate



This year we will again feature the vicious pirate rabble of PDXYAR. PDXYAR is home to some of the most cutthroat scallywags, rogues and mercenaries to ever set sail on the Northwest coast. This band of miscreants gathered in early 2008 and since have been raiding ports with their unique brand of piratical living history. At the Rockaway Beach Pirate Fest, you’ll get a chance to see the crew in action as they perform black powder shows (cannons!), fights, fire dancing and, perhaps, another surprise or two. Be sure to stop by their encampment and challenge one of the crew to a game of Liar’s Dice. Or sign the articles and become a member of the crew yourself!

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The King’s Navy

The King’s Navy is a Portland-based group of dedicated re-enactors striving to accurately portray sailors and mariners of the Royal Navy. Members of The King’s Navy have appeared at events throughout the Pacific Northwest, Canada and California, at historic events for the National Park Service, and at Colonial Willamsburg. They bring Basher, their field carriage-mounted English cannon.

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