The 39th Annual

Rockaway Beach Kite Festival

May 26 - 30, 2017

Where Dreams Take Flight.

One of our greatest weekends at Rockaway Beach is just around the corner. The Rockaway Beach Kite Festival returns May 26-29, 2017, to the Rockaway Beach Wayside.

This event continues to be a real crowd-pleaser and brings locals, friends and family, and visitors from across the state and beyond out to visit our beautiful beach and town and support businesses within the community.


2017 marks the 40th Annual Rockaway Beach Kite Festival. Sponsored by the American Kitefliers Association, the festival hosts professional and amateur kite fliers. As the largest organized group of kiters in the world, the American Kitefliers Association travels all over to spread the joy of kiting to people of all ages and skills. The event offers contests in a friendly, unofficial environment. Participants can compete to win awards for nicest kite, the kite that drags on the ground the longest before becoming airborne, and many other cool events. Children can join in the fun as they build and learn to fly small kites during special classes.

The Rockaway Beach Festival is the perfect event for everyone, young and old. Come out to enjoy this annual spectacle where the skies are filled with color and dreams of flight. A sight that will bring a smile to every face. Kite enthusiasts are also encouraged to bring their own kites to fly. In addition to the incredible kites of all sizes, the festival also features some amazing live music, kite exhibitions, an array of incredible vendors and artisans, and tasty meals all weekend. Come hungry, bring a camera, and be ready to have some fun.


Dreams Take Flight every year at this annual tradition. Please join us with friends and family to make this year’s Rockaway Beach Kite Festival one for the record books. See you at the beach May 27th-30th.
Larry Andreason Twin Rocks

Click on the link to find examples of the notable kite fliers we have entertained in the past and that will preform for us in the future at Rockaway Beach.

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