Why do people visit Rockaway Beach? And why do generations of families return here for vacation year after year? Hospitality!

People visit for the sights and scenery, one-of-a-kind events, fabulous food, welcoming people, diversity, rich history … the list is long! And no other city on the Oregon Coast is able to provide such affordable lodging with the array of natural wonders and miles of extraordinary views that you find at Rockaway Beach. Here you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

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The attraction of Rockaway Beach isn’t just one thing, but a combination of many. At the Chamber of Commerce, we see the city in its entirety — through the eyes of the people who live here, the people who love it, and the people who love to come here.

We are proud to help folks arrange their visits to Rockaway Beach. But we believe our value lies not just in an ability to market our city, but in our role as curators of the most interesting seven miles of white-sand beach. We also like introducing you to our neighbors in the nearby cities and towns.

Here at the Rockaway Beach Chamber of Commerce and the Rockaway Beach Visitors Association, we are the window into the Ocean’s Edge on the Oregon Coast.

Hospitality is key. We love visitors. Come as stranger, leave as a friend.

Destination Wedding

Make your big day unforgettable. You’ll have memories to last a lifetime with an oceanside ceremony on the white-sand Rockaway Beach. You don’t have to jet off to a faraway destination to fulfill your wedding fantasy. Rockaway is a romantic, beautiful and casual setting to exchange vows and start your life together.

City Facility Rental

Escape to the beach for your next meeting or celebration. If you would like to use a public civic facility for a wedding, family gathering, or other get-together, please fill out an application and submit it to the city by mail or online.

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